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Working with the MartinoWest Wholesale Program

What is the advantage of MartinoWest as a Wholesale Provider?
MartinoWest provides specialized bundled (Professional Employers Organization PEO, Administrative Services Outsourcing, ASO and PayGo) products and/or workers’ comp products to retail insurance agents and brokers ("retail agents"), while supporting those products with specialized expertise. 

MartinoWest provides both expertise and access to specialty markets that deliver alternatives to traditional standard markets and provide inclusive, value added benefits that extend the overall satisfaction of clients placed within these products. 

Why use the MartinoWest wholesale program?  
The simple answer is: we are the experts. 

At MartinoWest, we specialize in understanding the various structures for bundled products and how they may affect your clients. Not all bundled products (PEOs, ASOs and PayGo) are structured the same. We have taken the time to research the approved markets we’ve made accessible to understand the target client. Each product may have its own structure and unique offering to your client. Bundled products are not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Our staff has intimate knowledge of bundled services and how they can provide advantages to your client if placed properly through direct insight. Our staff has been involved with bundled solutions and alternative markets on various levels. Our own agency uses the services of a bundled solution.  

Other advantages that MartinoWest offers are our solid relationships with our markets to ensure efficient, well reviewed and aggressively priced proposals. MartinoWest also offers an established override contingency for qualified retail brokers and a generous commission split structure.

What’s the Process?
Placing business with MartinoWest is very similar to the process you would use to place business with your standard markets. Generally, the process works like this:

  • The account is submitted to MartinoWest with the application and supplemental ninety days prior to renewal.
  • MartinoWest will use its expertise to review the submission information, analyze the risk and request additional information as needed, then identify potential markets.
  • An account presentation will be made in writing to each market for underwriting consideration.
  • Each underwriter will respond with a proposal, request for additional information, or a declination. Any negotiation regarding terms and conditions can take place at this point. 
  • MartinoWest will present their summary proposal to you, and you can then work with MartinoWest to understand the proposals, make changes and determine which option is suitable.
  • Once the market is identified, MartinoWest will schedule a presentation for you and your client.
  • When the determination for a selected product is finalized, an order is provided and an enrollment and/or binding process begins. 
MartinoWest has identified and established relationships with bundled services providers and workers’ comp carriers (“markets”). These markets include industry-specific PEOs and ASOs, discounted workers’ comp and a wide array of pay-as-you-go specialty options. Many of these markets have open distribution models and are easily accessible to a general broker. However, because of the various components of these products, it is often difficult and inadvisable for a traditional broker to educate a client on the mechanics outside of the insurance element. 
An account may need to be placed in a non-traditional product to take advantage of the flexibility a bundled service can provide. 

Because the bundled products are primarily designed with a strong service factor that provides significant support in various administrative areas, the retention is extremely high. Clients find the value in working with a product that provides a one-stop-shop service structure and often renew without requesting to shop the market. 

Working for You
At MartinoWest, we have built a long history of working with brokers that value our structure and our ability to properly advise you and/or your client on this non-standard market. We place a great deal of respect and concern for you and your business and know that communication, the ease of doing business and the ability to move quickly are some of your greatest priorities. We are always open to feedback and are looking for ways to better serve you. Please share your experiences with us so that we can continue improving our processes and help protect your book of business.