Martino West


Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll services can save you time and money and provide many more important benefits:

Free Up Staff Time

Using our payroll services can free up your staff''s time, allowing them to perform more profitable activities. 

Reduce Your Costs
It can cost you less to outsource your payroll services than to do them in-house. Studies show that a typical small business with 10 employees will spend $2,600 per year in direct labor costs associated with payroll.

Avoid Penalties
The IRS says that 40 percent of small businesses pay almost $1000 a year for late or incorrect payroll filings and payments. Using a professional payroll service can help you pay correctly and on time.

Save with Direct Deposit
An outside payroll service makes it easy to give your employees the convenience of direct deposit and eliminate time-consuming process of producing and reconciling paper checks.

Keep Up to Date
Using our payroll services assures you that your payroll is being calculated with the most up-to-date tax tables, so you don't have to worry about incorrect payment and potential tax penalties. As professionals, we keep up with always-changing rates, regulations, and forms.