Affordable Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Small Business Owners

What is workers’ compensation insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance (often called workers’ comp, work comp, or WC) is state-mandated insurance that covers your employees’ medical expenses in the event that they are injured on the job along with at least a portion of their lost income while unable to work. It also helps protect employers from lawsuits brought by injured employees. OSHA rules require that employers provide work comp insurance coverage for their employees, and MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions can help make this necessary expense more affordable for your business.

Rates depend on the type of work performed, the size of your payroll, and your company’s history of on-the-job injuries. We want to reward safe workplaces with lower rates on workers’ comp insurance for small-business owners, and that’s why we also work to help clients improve their safety practices. An injury prevention program is very important to your business both for minimizing injuries and for reducing your workers’ compensation insurance rates, and our safety compliance support service can help you ensure a safe workplace and reduce insurance costs. Our professionals offer work-site safety advice and can help develop your staff’s safety management skills. The combination of our affordable workers’ comp coverage and safety compliance support creates a higher-value program than most workers’ comp insurance companies have to offer.

High-Risk Workers’ Compensation Insurance Solutions

Some insurance providers won’t accept businesses with a high hazard class or high experience modifier. But MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions has ample experience working with these hard-to-place businesses. These fields often include the clients most in need of reliable small-business workers’ comp insurance, and we are happy to serve them. Some examples of high-risk fields we have worked with include contracting, hospitality, janitorial services, caregiving, and transportation. We bring years of experience to serving high-risk fields.

MartinoWest can help!

At MartinoWest Business and Insurance Solutions, our goal is to make workers’ comp insurance for small-business owners affordable. Our pay-as-you-go billing plan and bundled solutions that combine PEO services with insurance help you maximize your savings, and after outsourcing with us, you’ll be able to focus on building revenue and leave the administrative tasks to us. We provide a simple, affordable solution for workers’ compensation insurance for small-business owners.

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