Save Money on Your Workers’ Comp
and Liability Insurance

We Work Specifically with Auto Dismantlers

We can help you save up to 30% on your workers’ comp insurance, resulting in thousands
of dollars back in your pocket at the end of your policy year.

MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions offers you the commercial insurance and administrative solutions you need to protect and grow your auto dismantler business.


We offer a full line of commercial insurance, workers’ compensation and employee benefits that can save you both time and money and also ensure that you, your dismantler yard and your employees are properly protected.


Our workers’ comp products provide flexible solutions that often result in savings for our dismantler clients up to 30% as compared to the standard market. Pay-as-you-go, low to zero deposits and no end of year audits allow you to focus your efforts on profit making rather than administration.

| Auto Dismantlers | MartinoWest October 2021

Save up to 30% on Your Auto Dismantler Rates with Workers’ Comp Insurance


Risk Management


SCADA Discounts


Industry Support

About MartinoWest

MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions specialize in offering services that minimize financial loss and protect assets while maximizing cash flow for auto dismantlers.

Our commitment to the auto dismantling industry started in 2002 through a partnership with the State of California Auto Dismantling Association (SCADA) to offer their members products that not only provide benefits directly to the dismantler, but also support their association.

We are fully committed to helping this industry through products, services and financial support.

| Auto Dismantlers | MartinoWest October 2021

Client Success Stories

Want to Know How You Can Grow Your Business by Decreasing Non-Revenue Producing Overhead?

Watch this informative live session video from our CEO Steve Martino about how you can grow your business by decreasing non-revenue producing overheads.

List of Points Covered in this Session

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| Auto Dismantlers | MartinoWest October 2021How to Find the Right Agency/Broker
| Auto Dismantlers | MartinoWest October 2021 How to Reduce Overhead Cost
| Auto Dismantlers | MartinoWest October 2021

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