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Save Time and Money with Outsourcing

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How can outsourcing benefit your business? Many businesses in the Golden State choose to outsource human resources tasks, such as payroll services. California business owners can use a professional employer organization (PEO) to save time and money by outsourcing their human services tasks, allowing them to minimize the number of vendors needed and focus more fully on other aspects of their growing business. PEOs offer employer payroll services, workers’ compensation administration, and other human resources management services. With these crucial, time-consuming tasks managed by reliable service vendors, including California payroll services, brokered through MartinoWest, entrepreneurs can concentrate on the well being and expansion of their business.

Affordable Workers’ Compensation Insurance

By working with MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions, you can rest assured that your commercial insurance coverage meets California workers’ compensation requirements. Our knowledgeable staff will connect you with insurance carriers licensed by the California Department of Insurance. We can help match your business with an insurer that works with your company size and business type.

Each workers’ comp insurer will be limited to what sort of businesses and experience modifiers they are able to cover, and other limitations may include payroll amounts and employee counts. MartinoWest targets only the carriers that cover your business, saving time and effort in your search for top WC and outsourcing options. One way to support your business is to provide tools that will reduce risks in your workplace.  These safety compliance support services can help ensure that you have a safe workplace that conforms to all California labor law requirements. A safe workplace also can lower your workers’ compensation rates and our team of experienced professionals is available to advise you on safety management and support.

Manage Payroll and Other Administrative Duties With Ease

Payroll administration is one of the most common services associated with using a PEO product. For businesses in California, payroll services can help you take care of paychecks, direct deposits, garnishments, time clock management, and tax reporting. Our offerings are compliant with all laws governing payroll in California.

Assembly Bill No. 1897 significantly increased areas in which employers that use staffing companies are liable. This bill allows the labor commissioner, Employment Development Department, and Division of Occupational Safety to access records and information from employers and labor contractors at will. The agencies use this information to check compliance with state laws. Professional management services brokered through MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions can ensure that you’re in compliance with California labor laws. Should these agencies request information from your business, your PEO support staff will make that information easily accessible to you; you never need to worry about disorganized or missing documentation again.

PEOs are invested in your success. The growth of your business and success for the PEO is one in the same. A diverse selection of business support tools can maximize your income which will help you save time and money.

When you’re ready to see how your company can benefit from working with PEO companies in California, MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions is here to help you. While each industry has different regulations, we can ensure that our experienced professionals will find the best opportunities possible for your business.

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