How to Motivate Your Employees for the New Year

Happy new year! Or is it? Yeah, 2020 was a challenging year, so take a moment to celebrate that your business has just survived a pandemic. As you start the new year, we put together this precise guide to equip you with tips on how to motivate your employees for the new year.

In this article, we’ll give you five ideas on how to motivate your staff and some insights on how to get your employees to commit to your organizational goal and new year vision:

1. Reflect and reward. Take your team through a reflection session on the achievements and lessons that came with the year 2020. What were your most significant successes? Any crucial lessons learned? Any expectations for the new year? Pain points and challenges faced in 2020 they’d like to highlight?

After the reflection session, organize team rewards for the different forms of achievements the team secured in 2020. Even though not every team will get a reward, be sure to acknowledge each person or team contribution to last year’s success!

2. Share your vision for the new year. Take time to develop and communicate your vision for the new year. Let people understand what you hope to achieve in this new year and what the business’s target achievements mean.

Sharing your vision and getting your team’s buy-in is among the most effective ways to get employees to commit to your organization. It is impossible to coalesce people’s effort around a vision they do not know or believe is possible. With vision sharing, you’re also able to identify people who haven’t bought into where your company is heading and shed them off sooner rather than later.

3. Plan ahead. After the reflection session and after sharing your vision, plan ahead! It is essential to include your team in your forecasting sessions instead of giving orders after a solo strategic session or consultant reports. If you lead well, your employees will probably care about your business as much as you do.

Therefore, involve your team in decision-making and strategic planning sessions. It will motivate staff and result in a deeper sense of ownership of goals that yield meaningful contributions and greater wins to celebrate at the end of the year.

4. Provide flexible working arrangements. Like many other businesses, you probably had to work from home the first few months at the onset of the pandemic. Depending on how it worked out for you, you might consider introducing working arrangements where your employees can work from home. You could also work with a consultant to develop a work-from-home policy, one that includes employee perks and liability insurance covers for remote employees.

And consider relaxing your company policy on dress code. Have days when employees can dress down or even dress casually while showing up for work.

5. Encourage interests outside work. What are your employees interested in outside of their career and work? Take time to discover their interests and hobbies and create a working environment where your employees can pursue their other interests outside of engagements in the workplace. It will give your team a sense of belonging, and it’ll be an effective way to deepen their commitment to your company and vision.

6. Introduce new performance incentives. What new incentives can you present to your employees to encourage consistent performance throughout the year? Consider introducing new incentives programs to encourage employees to give the best of their skills to your business — for example, a gym membership or pet insurance, and maybe a commuting allowance

Incentives can also take the form of a bonus or capacity building programs for your top-performing employees. Take this opportunity to introduce new incentives, too. It will give your employees a sense of renewed vigor to reach for goals.

7. Make upgrades. The best way to support your employees get over new year blues is to upgrade stuff in the office. If your business model and resources allow, undertake a stock check and figure out if you’re using the most recent equipment and technology in your company. Are the laptops current? Are you using the latest available software? How comfortable are your chairs and desks? Upgrades introduce a sense of newness and send a signal to your employees that you’re aiming for excellence as an entity.

As employees set ambitious performance goals, take time to set goals on how you’ll invest in your employees, too. As you upgrade your equipment, also take time to upgrade your employees’ skills. Training opportunities can be availed to all employees to boost team proficiency and efficiency levels. Many are apprehensive about training employees who may leave the company. But it’s much worse to hang onto a team that’s performing below their level just because of the capacity gap that you can easily fill.

8. Encourage and respect diversity. How diverse is your team? Do people have to hide their true nature to fit into your corporate culture, or can they be who they truly are? Encouraging interests outside of work is a good way to encourage and respect diversity. But you may want to go a step further by being respectful to people with different opinions and styles of work and even to how each individual responds to change. Some love change. Others are apprehensive about it.

By applying these tips, not only will you motivate your employees for the new year, but you’ll also give them a sense of purpose and encourage their commitment to your company. Overall, corporate culture is what motivates employees to perform well and instills a sense of commitment to corporate goals.

In the long run, companies that encourage a culture of autonomy and encourage employees to solve their own problems are able to hold on to talent longer than companies that do not.

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