MartinoWest is dedicated to small businesses that are focused on the blue collar and outdoor trades. We leave no rock unturned and we do everything in our power to make sure we have a program for everyone.

We have some specialty programs available for certain industries that have been historically under-served or overcharged in insurance and business services.



Keep your workers safe! MartinoWest’s landscaper coverage program helps landscaping businesses get the coverage they need at prices they can afford. It also comes with some great perks like our beloved pay-as-you-owe pricing and safety programs.

We can also provide this program for gardeners, snow removers, and other hard-to-place outdoor management businesses.

Visit to read more about this program.



You’re not an auto repair shop. You’re not an auto parts store. You’re an auto dismantler.

In order to get proper insurance, you need to be classified properly! We know what you do, and we’ve been serving the auto dismantler niche since 2002. We team up with dismantler organizations to stay current and bring you the best service.

To learn more and get a quote, visit

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