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Nobody has time for an audit. Nobody has money for a deposit. We understand.

Through MartinoWest, we can provide programs with special no-to-low deposit options and no audits. This pay-as-you-owe benefit is one of our most popular program features, giving you back time and money.​



You look out for your workers. You should be rewarded for that.

Some of our programs provide a cash back bonus at the end of the year to businesses that have lowered their workers’ comp losses.


​​SAVE UP TO 30%

Normally, when you pay for insurance, how much do you think actually goes into the insurance pool? Not much.

Most of the cost of insurance and business services goes into administering and managing the programs. We can cut these costs by bundling services together, saving our clients 30% on average.



With over 35 combined years of experience with workers’ compensation, we understand the workers’ comp market. We work with A rated carriers in the insurance industry.



Some industries are harder to get covered. We understand, which is why we created special programs for the businesses that most often find themselves going under-insured. Check out our Industry Specific Programs page for more details.



Look below for a few of the many insurance and business services we offer. Need something else? Contact us!


  • Workers’ compensation: Get the proper coverage for your employees. Our pay-as-you-go model frees up your cash flow and who wouldn’t want that?
  • Payroll Administration: Provides professional payroll support, administrations, and compliance assistance.
  • Human Resources: Becoming an expert in human resources can be a complex endeavor because, well, humans are complex.
  • Safety and Compliance: A team of professionals will provide claims assistance, HR support, and compliancy for even the toughest of industries (tree trimming and roofing included!).
  • EPLI: Employment claims have steadily risen. Wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination – cover your back against fraudulent and costly claims.
  • General Liability: Helps protect you from a number of claims related to normal business operations. You have to make sure you have the liability coverage that matches your level of exposure. It is not a one-size fits all!
  • Commercial Automobile: Any car that is used for work purposes needs to be covered. Driving to a job? Do employees take cars home? Get them covered!
  • Property: Covers your business assets. This includes buildings, business records, equipment, and even your favorite desk chair.
  • Inland Marine: Do you have merchandise or company items that move around in transport? That’s what this covers. Traditional property insurance protects the location specific items. Inland Marine covers the items that change location.
  • Crime: Hey, it happens. Employees steal, fraud happens on accounts, hackers get into the computer system. With this insurance, you don’t need it until you NEED it…so be prepared and get covered now.


You can combine two or more of our services together into a program for savings and receive some of the perks listed above.

We are High-tech but also high-touch! Please contact us for customized Bundle


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